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A new voice comes to town
With today's edition, a new voice comes to Bethel.

In an age when the common wisdom holds that print's age has ended, it may seem a bit of an anachronism to begin publishing a print newspaper. Yet, we believe that a community needs a printed voice. It helps bind the community together, and it creates a common discussion for that community.

There are so many diverse perspectives in our town, and we hope to help bring those voices together in an effort to encourage harmony and prosperity.

In the Bethel Gazette, you will find reports on happenings in our town, events and culture as well as sales and specials and important comings and goings.

What we hope you'll find each week is a snap shot, taken in each weekly moment, for our common experience and discussion.

We're committed to bringing our readers the best of our community.

Please be sure to send us information about clubs, organizations, successes and good deeds.

Letters to the editor are welcome. Please email them to We may edit them for space.


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