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Celebrating faith in our community's future
Five downtown businesses reaffirmed their faith in Bethel's future on Saturday, September 15th when they celebrated the rebirth of a landmark building and the businesses it houses.

These five businesses, a realtor, a gift shop, a dance studio, a book store and a toy store, all have made a tremendous investment in our downtown as they make an investment in their livelihoods.

The building renovation itself is also a cause for celebration. A historic landmark all but destroyed has been restored and these businesses, as all of our town, have benefited greatly from the effort.

It's not good enough to celebrate the rebirth of a key part of our downtown and then go back to shopping online for books and toys, homes and presents. We have to support these businesses with our business.

Every time you do, you'll be investing in the future of our community and getting a terrific bargain on wonderful goods and services from neighbors who value your business as much as you'll value your purchases.

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