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Record setting storm slams Bethel

By Jack Drake

A Snovember to Remember:

The stories of horrifying commutes, stranded commuters, and lots of SNOW drifted through Bethel today as if blown by a fierce northeasterly wind.

The storm that impacted the region Thursday afternoon and evening was in fact a nor'easter, but with a bit of a twist. The twist came in the form of an exceptionally strong leading edge. As warm air rushed out ahead of the storm, it encountered an arctic air mass entrenched over the Northeast. This "warm front" created a swath of very heavy snow that piled up quickly.

The first flurries started just after 3 p.m.. By 4:30 p.m. snow was coming down fast and furious, at an alarming rate of 2-3 inches per hour. Roads were getting worse and worse by the minute.

In just 6 short hours Bethel has accumulated 8 inches of snow. Final tallies across the region included Bethel at 8.0 inches, Danbury at 8.0 inches, and Newtown at 8.2 inches. New Fairfield received the most tallying almost 11 inches of snow.

It really was an exceptional event. A record breaking event. The 6.2 inches of snow that fell in New York City's Central Park was the most for any single day in November since records began in 1869. In Greater Danbury it was the most snow in November since 2012. It was a storm myself, and sure many stranded drivers, will remember for a long time.

Editor's Note: Jack Drake is a local meteorologist who will, from time to time, share observations with our readers about interesting and noteworthy weather events in our region. You can find more about Jack and his forecasts at

Courtesy photo: Snow frames the Bethel Public Library


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