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Local heroes
We were reminded this week of the contribution, often unseen by many but always appreciated, of our Department of Public Works.

Our town was surprised by a fiercer than expected nor'easter that dropped eight inches of snow and ice on Bethel and nearby towns.

Our DPW crews got to work before the storm, laying down brine, clearing drains and in general getting Bethel ready to cope with this winter weather come before Thanksgiving.

Throughout the storm they drove plows, spread salty solutions to keep the roads clear, and did what they always do - kept us safe, our roads clear of snow and ice and debris, and they did so while also doing their regular daily work.

These folks deal with one of the most intractable and changeable challenges we have: the weather.

Mark Twain, our one-time Redding neighbor, once observed that everyone complains about the weather but nobody does anything about it. Mr. Twain obviously hadn't met these local heroes.

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