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Shop Local
This Saturday local retailers across the U.S. took part in the annual Shop Local / Shop Small event. Started as an answer to big box store Black Friday sales, and expanded to combat Cyber Monday, the event showcases sales at local retailers and other businesses.

We think this is an odd campaign because, to be blunt, ever day should be a shop local day. Our community is as vibrant and thriving as it is because of the dozens of local small businesses ranging from gift shops, book stores, cafes, pharmacies, hardware stores, grocers, consignment shops, ice cream parlors, nurseries, specialty good shops, restaurants, coffee shops, pet groomers, nail and beauty salons, barbershops, bakeries, banks, a toy store, a cinema, cleaners, a paint store, a music store, with our debut the return of a local newspaper and dozens more.

These local businesses have outstanding service, local expertise and often carefully curated inventories tailored to our community.

And these businesses give back to our community in dozens of very meaningful ways. Bethel could not have had our recent WinterFest, as one example, without sponsorship and support from literally dozens of local businesses.

According to the American Independent Business Alliance, 14% of every dollar spent at a chain store comes back to the local economy as compared to 48% of every dollar spent at a local business. Shopping locally supports our community in very real ways.

When you shop locally, you save time, you save gas, you save money, and in the end, you save our community. Because Bethel without these local businesses would be a very different and bleak place.

Everyday should be shop local day.

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