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A Few Of Our Favorite Things
It's hard not to be deeply heartened by the spirit and generosity of our community, not just at this time of year but all year long.

In this issue we try to highlight as many of the good works in Town as we have space to allow, but the truth is that we could fill a dozen pages or more with the good works being done in Bethel, from the food donation at Town Hall and local businesses to the Giving Trees at The Toy Room, Kids Kuts and Town Hall, to the donations for fire victims, collections for Veterans and toys, gifts of lunch to our neediest children, free concerts, seasonal decorations, the list goes on and so does our faith in our neighbors.

Some in our Town have tried, and of course miserably failed, to pull us apart as we come together to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Dhanu Sankranti and other holidays of other faiths. Even the mock-holiday of Festivus has found it's place, even if only on a pole on a lawn on Grassy Plain Street.

In Bethel, what church or temple or mosque or meeting hall people of good intention gather in is far less important than that these wonderful people fill our community with kindness, generosity and, whenever needed, a helping hand.

If the divisive side show so aptly taken place on our Town Square named for native showman P.T. Barnum has sapped your joy at this joyous time, just take a moment to consider the vast army of good, kind, loving and generous people we report on this week, and all those we unfortunately lack adequate space to include.

Bethel is not just a holy place in name. Our neighbors prove it every day. These are but a few of the many things to celebrate this season.


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