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How A Community Responds
The tragic loss of Emily Todd, just 25 years old and just beginning her life, and under such horrible circumstances is heart-breaking for her family, her friends and her community. The Community Gazette extends our deepest sympathy to Miss Todd's family and friends.

Bethel has responded with an enormous outpouring of support, at the funeral service, the church service, vigils, remembrances posted on social media and in giving to a cause the family has asked be done instead of sending flowers, Moms Demand Action.

We hope that this response extends beyond donations against gun violence, something that we hope all sides on the gun ownership debate can unite behind, and expands to the work needed so desperately to treat the sources of such violence.

The U.S. gun related homicide rate is 25% greater than the combined rates for the next 15 high-income nations. That's not a typographical error. More that the next 15 nations combined.

In 2000, there were just over 10,000 gun-related homicides in the United States. In 2016, there were just under 15,000 gun-related homicides in the United States. Every one of those had someone's daughter, sister, mother, son, brother or father as a victim.

We hope, believe and pray that our nation has the wisdom and the courage to address this issue, that instead of seeing gun deaths rise by another 50% in the next 16 years we can see a dramatic drop.


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