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The Power of Kindness
Every now and again, we come across a story that literally takes our breath away. That was the case with the story in this week's edition about the incredibly kind-hearted decision taken by the management at Danbury Kia to forgive the remaining lease on the car that Emily Todd drove to her brutal, senseless execution in Bridgeport last Month, and that her family were having to deal with on top of their tragic loss.

Bethel is deeply fortunate to have so many generous businesses and citizens in Town and in our neighboring towns. Acts of sincere kindness such as these must never be taken for granted. They are part of the glue that holds our community together, that gives our neighbors hope and strength regardless of whatever they face.

Our community will be coming together on February 15th for Bethel Kindness Day. We urge our readers to buy a shirt and to proudly wear it, but we also urge our readers to keep in mind that with acts of kindness like Danbury Kia's it seems to us that in our community, every day can be Kindness Day.


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