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Spotlight: Diana Brady, DiLillo Real Estate

I recently had the chance to interview Bethel Real Estate Professional Diana Brady.

Brad: When did you begin selling real estate?

Diana: 2017.

Brad: What attracted you to being a realtor?

Diana: My long-time management position at Cartus was eliminated and I found myself out of a job and didn't know how I was going to support myself and my two children. I knew I needed to find a job that I could do anywhere - not dependent on someone else's bottom line - flexible to my schedule - using my 22+ years of marketing expertise and 2 hospitality degrees and a passion for people - oh, and I like to renovate and build things.

Brad: What do you enjoy most about what you do?

Diana: All of the above! Real Estate is NOT an easy career - it is NOT a get rich quick job and it is NOT for the faint of heart. What you put in is what you get out and there is a lot of rejection along the way... My favorite part is seeing my clients smiles and the pure joy in their hearts when they get what they want; when my clients say "we're going to miss seeing you"; the card that says, "we couldn't have done this without you"... I also enjoy helping people see that I am there for them; I have their back; I am their advocate; I negotiate as if it were my own house/ my own money. There are way too many people in this world that take advantage of others and I don't and I'm proud of that and I am honored to be selected as part of the team working on one of the largest financial transactions of someone's life.

Brad: Do you have any funny or strange stories?

Diana: Do you have a few hours? ....where do I begin.... people who come in to Open Houses just so they can use the bathroom and then clog the toilet; kids who fall asleep in the dog crates; clients who walk around the outside of the wrong house to "check-it out"; teenagers who are still in bed during a house tour.... life goes on.

Brad: What trends are you seeing in Bethel real estate?

Diana: Bethel is a hot little ticket lately! When I bought in 1999 the NY Times had just done a piece on Bethel and it was predicting Bethel to be a destination for people to move to. Here we are 20 years later, and we are seeing it again. Bethel has a lot to offer to those coming from states with higher taxes, higher costs of living, traffic and congestion. There is a wide variety of home types, lot sizes and sales prices - truly anyone can live in Bethel and I do like that about our town.

Brad: What brought you to Bethel?

Diana: My 1st house - literally.... for 7 years I commuted to Westport with a friend of mine and every time we came up Rte 53, I would see this grand old Victorian set up on a hill and I would say - I love that house! When it was time for me to buy a house, a friend told us about one in Bethel that was for sale. We pulled into the driveway with our realtor and I did not even get out - I said to my husband at the time- this is the house I've been telling you about - this is the one. And that's the one we bought and it was everything I knew it would be. We loved the town, the parks, the schools, our neighborhood, etc. and we were still close to our family in New York.

Brad: What's you favorite thing about living and working in Bethel?

Diana: I'm a small town girl; I've traveled the world with my past jobs and I am so blessed that I had that opportunity to do that but there is something to be said for planting seeds and letting some roots take hold. I believe love is what makes a house feel like home - and home, truly, is where your heart is... my heart is here, where my family is, where I raised my children, where my friends are, a community that has welcomed me into their small town when I was an outsider; a place where store owners know me by sight or name; a place where your neighbor calls you to tell you that you forgot to close the garage door on your way out, a community that allows me to grow my business based on their trust and confidence in me; it's the town supermarket that takes your fully loaded cart and puts it all away because your kid had a melt-down when you wouldn't let him build a toilet paper roll fort! A place I call home.

Brad: Is there anything else that you'd like our readers to know?

Diana: YES! I love what I do and I love sharing what I learn, which is something new every day!


DiLillo Real Estate is located a 162 Greenwood Avenue in Bethel

Phone: 203-512-5886



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