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Spotlight: Mohammad Shilleh, Royal Choice Global Transportation

Brad: When did you start Royal Choice Global Transportation?

Mohammad: We started in 1998 in White Plains, New York.

Brad: What brought you to Bethel?

Mohammad: My wife and I were looking for a quite town in CT to raise a family.

Brad: What's your funniest limo story - names are optional?

Mohammad: I have many. One took place over 10 years ago and I still laugh about it. I pulled up to pickup a client to take to the airport. He was busy rushing, and I remember it just snowed the day before. He gives me all his bags, runs back inside to grab his cellphone because it was ringing, and he comes right back out, jumps in the car. We start to drive toward LaGuardia Airport and he goes "We have to go back. I forgot to put my shoes on."

Brad: What should people do when choosing a limo service?

Mohammad: Check to see if they have the proper commercial passenger insurance. And the car should have either Livery or Interstate plates not a private regular plate.

Brad: What do you like most about being in Bethel?

Mohammad: The schools and the cozy feeling of the town.

Brad: What attracted you to the limousine industry?

Mohammad: I did this as our senior project in high school thinking it would be an easy, fun way out of going to class. Who would have figured it would turn into a career I love?

Brad: What do you like most about what you do?

Mohammad: The relationships you develop with people. Over time your customers become your friends because you are there for their special intimate moments, from their proposals to their marriages and finally to their children getting married.

Brad: Is there anything you'd like our readers to know?

Mohammad: Support local business. Unlike private cars through online rideshare services, we're always properly insured, inspected and registered to make sure you have a safe and pleasant trip.

Brad: Do you have any special offers for our readers?

Mohammad: Bethel residents can always receive $15.00 off any oneway airport trip or $40.00 off any round trip booked.




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