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Keeping Stony Hill Safe

Bethel Police Detective Jonathan McClintock met with twenty Stony Hill business community members at the recent Stony Hill Four Corners Association meeting to discuss concerns about area crime. Detective McClintock discussed police efforts to increase visible patrols as well as other measures. He also recommended that businesses consider upgrading surveillance cameras and alarms, and circulated a sheet for business owners to update their emergency contact information in the event an alarm is triggered in their area.

Bethel is consistently rated as one of the safest communities in Connecticut, and none of the activity discussed involved residential property.

Specific recommendations to improve business security include:

Proper signage to alert individuals of no loitering/trespassing, having employees leave at the end of the day together, and ensure outside light fixtures are working properly.

Detective McClintock, center, addresses business concerns. First Selectman Matt Knickerbocker at left and Joseph Knudsen of HIQS also attended the meeting


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