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Spotlight: Maggie Wong - Kowloon Chinese Restaurant

I recently had a conversation with Maggie Wong, owner of Kowloon Chinese Restaurant on Greenwood Avenue.

Brad: When did you open Kowloon?

Maggie: We opened in 2015.

Brad: What brought you to Bethel?

Maggie: I like it around here. It's really a good town!

Brad: What's your funniest story?

Maggie: Laughs. Actually, how we came here is pretty funny. Seven years ago we tried to open here, in this spot. At that time they didn't want a Chinese restaurant. We ended up opening a deli in Brookfield. A few years later we took another look in Bethel and the same spot was available. We asked again, and here we are. We're so happy to be here.

Brad: When you and Sunny go out to eat, where do you go?

Maggie: Laughs. Chilis or Applebees.

Brad: What kind of events do you cater?

Maggie: Mostly baby showers and birthday parties.

Brad: What do like most about being in Bethel?

Maggie: It's more of a peaceful place. Hong Kong, where Sunny and I are from, like New York, is very busy. I like the small town, the downtown.

Brad: What do you like most about what you do?

Maggie: I'm pretty talkative. I love my job - I like to talk with my customers. And when my husband makes something new, I'm first to try it.

Brad: What is you most popular dish?

Maggie: General Tso's Chicken or Sesame Chicken,

Brad: What are your favorite items on your menu?

Maggie: Shrimp and chicken with broccoli and shrimp in garlic sauce. I also like egg drop soup.

Brad: Do you have any special offers our readers should know about?

Maggie: They get free soup with orders over $35 or free General Tso's Chicken with orders over $60.


Kowloon Chinese Restaurant

110 Green Wood Avenue, Bethel



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