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Bethel Meets The Challenge
Once again Bethel is rising to the occasion. In this case, supporting Bethel Cinema owner Pam Karpen in her upcoming run against cancer.

So far 114 donations have totaled over $18,000 to support Pam in her effort to help Dana-Farber conquer cancer.

The race is in early April, so there is still time to support Pam and her efforts on behalf of all of us and our loved ones here and loved once lost, and make this awful disease a memory once and for all.

Pam hopes to raise $20,000.

But we believe Bethel can do better.

The average marathon runner takes 44,200 steps. Let's step up together and make sure that there is at least 50 for each footstep she takes. If every one reading this donates just a dollar we can put Pam over the $22,000 mark.

Please visit the website, follow the link to Pam's donation page and give what you can. Let's all make sure every step Pam takes is a step to wipe out this disease once, and for all.


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