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May 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of Mental Health Month. How does that matter to you?

Well, if you consider that it's been estimated that one in five adults and teens experiences some form of mental illness, it really does matter to everyone.

Of course, there are local agencies, organizations, and support groups that can help individuals and their families, and everyone who has concerns about themselves or someone else should reach out to those experts right away. But did you know that your hometown Library has some helpful resources, too? In addition to books for loan with a library card, the Bethel Public Library has a large offering of informational pamphlets and booklets, which are free to take at any time.

The Bethel Community Cares Coalition and the HERO Project provide many of these print resources found in the second floor reading area. The free pamphlets cover a wide range of mental health subjects, including depression, panic attacks, learning disorders, and substance abuse.

The Northwest Regional Mental Health Board also provides plenty of print materials free for the taking. Their handout Facts About Co-Occurring Disorders explains that "Mental health and substance abuse issues often go hand in hand. Drugs and alcohol are often used and sometimes abused by people trying to feel better…If not diagnosed and treated, co-occurring disorders increase the likelihood of an individual experiencing homelessness, incarceration, medical illness, and suicide."

Recognizing this fact, we have booklets on all kinds of addiction.

We hope everyone who has concerns about mental health will feel free to take and read the print resources at the Library. Remember, one in five people suffers from mental illness…maybe you can help someone.


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