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Bethel Board of Finance Trims $385,000 From Proposed Town Budget
Town Meeting Set For April 24

The Bethel Board of Finance met on Tuesday, April 16th to work on a new version of the Town Budget after the Town referendum failed to pass by 23 votes.

Board of Finance Chair Robert Manfreda said after Tuesday's meeting "This was incredibly hard, and we're gonna get yelled at by everybody."

After consulting various Town Departments, the Board has reworked the 2019-2020 proposed budget, resulting in a $385,000 reduction in the proposed budget, bringing the taxable rate increase to 1.65%.

Reductions are proposed to the following account lines:

Account 230, Public Works, Line 313, Contracted Services, reduced by $5,000.

Account 240, Highway Department, Line 313, Contracted Services, reduced by $5,000.

Account 260, Building Maintenance, Line 313, Contracted Services, reduced by $5,000

Account 360, Police Department, Line 101, Salaries, reduced by $25,000. This reduction is made possible by a recent hire, eliminating a significant overtime expense.

Account 380, Parks and Recreation, Line 206, Maintenance Supply, reduced by $10,000.

Account 380, Parks and Recreation, Line 316, Programs, reduced by $15,000. This reduction is made possible by the commitment to either secure sponsors for marginal or costly programs or phase those out.

Account 430, Senior Center, Line 317, Activities, reduced by $5,000.

Account 440, Debt Service, Line 638, G.O. BAN Principal, has $285,000 trimmed due to a recent decision by the State of Connecticut to release $285,000 in funds held back from the recent High School renovation. Those funds are added back to the 2019-2020 budget.

Account 460, Building Maintenance, line 207 is reduced by $30,000.

In addition, $32,298 has been added to the Capital Nonrecurring Fund for the Parloa Field improvements, as requested by Parks and Recreation.

The Town will hold a Town Meeting on April 24th at 7 p.m. at the Municipal Center General Purpose Room. If the revised budget passes the special Town Meeting, it will then go back to Town voters in a referendum.


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