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The Redcoats Are Coming June 8th

On June 8th, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., the Bethel Historical Society's Living History Day Revolutionary Re-Enactment is coming. The eight regiments and brigades representing the American Revolutionary War period scheduled to appear include: 2nd DeLanceys, 5th Connecticut, Butlers Rangers, 6th CT Regiment, 5th New York Regiment the Commander is coming as a Native American 23rd Regiment of Foot.

The event features military encampments, blacksmithing, a surgical tent, horses, children's marching and wooden musket drill as well as artillery and cavalry demonstrations, live firing cannon and skirmishes.

The Passport to Bethel from the Boy Scouts in Downtown Bethel coordinates visiting 13 historic Bethel sites and learning of their history.

Attendees will enjoy music and participatory dancing at the gazebo with Colonial Dance Caller Patricia Campbell, and Gretchen Tucker, a classically trained soprano will perform at the Bethel Public Library. Reservations are required by calling the Bethel Library.

Patrick Wild, Bethel's Town Historian, will present on Revolutionary Bethel highlighting events that took place in and around Bethel during the years of the American Revolution. Reservations are required by calling the Bethel Library.


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