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Exciting Fall Programs Announced

Bethel's Sunflower Studio has announced their Fall Programs which include a number of special offerings.

Kids News Club, where participating students will learn about writing, editing, photography, page layout and more from tutors and professional journalists while developing their own newspaper. The six week long Kids New Club starts September 25th.

The Photography Class starts on September 20th. The club is focused on taking and editing everyday photos and turning them into beautiful works of art. After learning how to compose attractive photos, students will learn how to properly edit their pictures using Adobe Photoshop.

Their Environmental Class starts September 25th, This class has been developed exclusively as a partnership between Find Us Outside and Sunflower Studio to create a hands-on, project-based, immersive science experience from a unique Native American viewpoint. This one-of-a-kind science approach is for the science loving and the not so science driven child. Storytelling, art, experimentation, discovery, and science will all collide during these classes

The Chemistry Class starts on September 25th. Students with prior lab experience will have a chance to hone in on their lab skills while students without prior lab experience will be in a comfortable environment to discover and explore. Students will have a great time learning about elements, compounds, and mixtures. Students will work independently and together on lab projects.

Pet Shop Math starts on September 25th. This is a fun and "living math" program that reinforces math skills. Students use their math knowledge to keep his or her very own store running and, hopefully, make a profit. But there are also some surprises along the way. This hands on project-based math program will also include all of the behind the scenes real life skills that future young entrepreneurs need to be successful.

Classes are aimed at students aged 4 to adult, run 6 to 8 weeks, and range from $180 to $295. Sunflower Studio, founded by Bethel educator Adrianne Roberts offers home school tutoring in all subjects, including language arts, creative writing, science, math and more, and they welcome ESL students. During September, they are offering blocks of four hours of tutoring at a 25% savings for $135, or for $45 per hour. Contact Sunflower Studio at, 203-491-7927 or

They are located at 29 Taylor Road in Bethel.


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