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Guest Column - Thanksgiving: bringing the soul, spirit, and heart to a place of gratefulness
How fitting that as Americans, in this amazing Nation where we daily enjoy the blessings of the Sovereign God and His very hand upon us, that a period of national and individual thanksgiving comes right before Christmas. One would think that divine providence made it so, through whispers and spiritual nudges to our national leaders of long ago.

While it is commercially and academically said that Thanksgiving revolves around Pilgrims and Native-Americans, way back in the early 1600's, I personally find no familiarity or attachment to such an ideal. (I do, however, enjoy watching a Charlie Brown Thanksgiving each year, at this time of season, and grin at Snoopy and Woodstock dressed up as Pilgrims. Classic!) I appreciate our history, even before we were a Nation, but Thanksgiving for me is a holiday and an event that I find best rooted in today, in the here and now, surrounded by the the blessings, and even the trials, of life under the aegis of the Living God that bring my heart, spirit, and soul into a posture of thanksgiving, gratitude, and joyful surrender.

I believe that if you show me a person who is thankful in all things, I will show you a person at peace and in happiness.

I believe that thankfulness prepares the way, so to speak, for the bigger things of God in our lives, the things we would otherwise miss out upon due to being focused on the ugliness of a selfish and self-centered existence. Show me an unthankful person, and I will show you a person infected with despair, misery, and self-loathing to the nth degree.

A sermon here is not needed, because Creation itself is preparing to welcome The King, through the celebration of His Birth on Christmas Day. Let Nature be the theology of God's Glory, indeed. Let us, as beloved and cherished above all of His Creation, made in His image, throw aside ourselves and consider the joys and blessings we have in freedom, liberty, free-will, and a soul that God the Father loves dearly.

Thanksgiving is simply a time to acknowledge all that we have, as Americans, living here in Bethel, CT. We have different bloodlines, facial features, body-types, and mindsets. True enough, we are each and every one of us unique, yet all of us bearing the fingerprint of God the Father, pressed indelibly upon our souls and hearts. Thanks be to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, for considering and loving us individually and without expectation of His love being returned.

Let us be then, thankful. Thankful for His Grace. Thankful for our differences. Thankful for the abilities He has given us to minister to one another. To laugh. To love. To hold one another dearly and in warmth. Let thankfulness calm the storms inside your hearts, if you have turmoil or hostility, and speak peace to your blood and your spirits.

Lastly, let thanksgiving be a daily posture for each of us, and not merely one day out of the year. Peace, wisdom, joy, knowledge, abundance, and direction are all found in a thankful life. Your cup may be half-full, but in thankfulness, it will overflow.

Happy Thanksgiving, my Bethel friends.

Donald Borsch, Jr.


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