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Police Acceditation

The Bethel Police Department recently achieved their second Law Enforcement Accreditation Award from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA). Captain Stephen Pugner and Lieutenant Michael Libertini went to Covington, Kentucky to appear before the Commission for reaccreditation. Reaccreditation was awarded for the next four years. This entire process was made possible by the hard work and dedication of Lieutenant Heather Burnes over the past four years. Without her, this endeavor would not have been possible. CALEA is the “gold standard in public safety.” CALEA accreditation provides many benefits to the agency as well as the public it serves. Some of those benefits include increased community advocacy, strong support from government officials, better defense against civil suits, reduced risk and liability exposure, and greater accountability. CALEA serves to create and maintain integrity, transparency, and accountability within the police organization.

There are only 19 municipal police departments in the State of Connecticut with Law Enforcement Accreditation from CALEA. The Bethel Police Department is one of only three police agencies in Fairfield County with CALEA Accreditation.

“We are proud to serve the community with a high degree of excellence and look forward to maintaining that excellence through continued accreditation and partnership with CALEA,” the Bethel police stated in a press release.


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