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Wooster St. Hearing Rescheduled

An over flow crowd of dozens of residents poured from Meeting Room D at the Municipal Center on Tuesday, January 14th as residents wanted to voice concerns about a proposed change to the zoning at 104 Wooster Street from the current recycling of wood.

Social media posts noted that the requested zoning permit, while described as a request to expand to recycling construciton materials also included wording that would allow receiving and handling of municipal waste. This raised the concern that Superior Carting, also located at 104 Wooster Street, could expand the use to municipal waste per the permit.

Planning and Zoning Director Beth Cavagna waded into the crowd and announced that due to fire safety regulations, and the lack of access to a larger meeting room that evening, that the hearing on the Wooster Street request would be rescheduled to February 11 at 7 p.m. in the much larger General Purpose Room.


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