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Proposed School Budget Gets Increased

The Bethel Board of Education has added $239,000 to Superintendent Carver's 4.18% 2020-2021 budget increase request, setting the stage for a debate between fiscal conservatives and school proponents in the upcoming Town Meeting. The record $48.6 million dollar budget, not including an expected $500,000 schools maintenance line item held in the Town budget, includes 6 new positions in response to expected school population growth next year and increased special needs expenditures, according to Dr. Carver's presentation.

A Special Town Meeting will be held on March 2nd to discuss the Town and School budgets.

9 Year School Budget Trends Compared

See chart below for actual numbers as the graph above has been normalized to compare various metric trends over time.

Bethel School Budget Metrics From 2012-13 Through The Proposed 2020-21 Budget

Analysis of Proposed School Budget

A Closer Look At The Numbers: Year Over Year Change

In analyzing the 9 year School Budget trend from 2012 through the proposed 2020-21 budget, several items stand out. The first is that the rate of growth of the overall budget has outpaced the growth of students as well as teachers, 22.38% budget growth versus 7.7% student population growth and 15.94% growth in the number of teachers.

A second is that the student to teacher ratio has improved, dropping 7.11% for this period to 11.85.

Dollars per student increased 13.63%, from $13,432 in 2012-13 to $15,263 in 2020-21.

Dollars per teacher also increased, 5.55%, moving from $171,377 in 2012-13 to $180,894 in 2020-21.


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