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Editorial: Bethel Must Include The Voters Voice
Bethel, like 107 other Connecticut communities, is a Town Meeting democracy. We have endured revolution, civil war, world wars, epidemics, pandemics and countless other challenges.

We will rise to meet this challenge, too.

And while we look to our leaders to keep us safe, as so many generations before us have, we also look to them to ensure that we do not trade away our hard won rights in the name of that safety.

We call on our leaders to work to find ways to ensure that our democracy prevails over this challenge as it has so many before it. Our voters must not be deprived of the right to vote, and that must be a priority for Bethel and for Connecticut.

We also remind our Town leaders that with Bethel’s residents losing their jobs, Bethel businesses closing and people beginning to face illness here at home we must lower the tax burden on our citizens, even if it means cutting previously untouchable budget items.

We believe the budget must reflect the needs of our citizens, including their immediate financial needs and that maintaining or raising the tax burden is outrageously unconscionable.


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