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Bethel Distance Learning Survey Results

Roughly half the households with children in the Bethel school system responded to a recent survey about the distance learning program. While the program was rushed into operation when the Governor closed Connecticut schools last month due to the COVID-19 crisis, the majority of elementary school parents who took the survey report students performing well with the new program.

There are some areas that are being improved consistent with feedback from parents. In an interview with Bethel's Superintendent of Schools Dr. Christine Carver, Dr. Carver indicated that adjustments have already been made in workload levels and communication.

Approximately 46% of surveys at the elementary schools indicated that students weren't completing assignments independently. When asked, Dr. Carver said "We believe this to be directly correlated to the age of the child. Parents reported this most frequently at Berry and Rockwell. We anticipated that the younger children would need more assistance. We are providing more support to parents who need assistance through the use of support staff."

Some elementary surveys indicated parents were unsure where to access assignments or other resources. Dr. Carver explained "We have a whole web page set up to assist parents on accessing the resources. We also are responding personally to support parents' understanding."

Overall, Dr. Carver is pleased with the program, especially given the extremely short time frame to implement it. "We are proud of our teachers and students," she said, continuing "We had a week to transform our educational system and they did a phenomenal job."


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