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New Police Chief Named

Captain Pugner Promoted

The Bethel Board of Selectmen on Monday, May 4th unanimously appointed police Captain Pugner to the role of Chief of Police effective July 10, 2020 upon the retirement of Bethel Police Chief Jeffery Finch. Captain Pugner took a few moments from his schedule to be interviewed about his appointment.

Community Gazette: What attracted you to a career in law enforcement?

Captain Pugner: I always wanted to be a police officer. My father was a police officer in Redding for over 27 years and I wanted to follow in his footsteps.

Community Gazette: What are your goals for the Department once you become Chief?

Captain Pugner: I have several, however the main one is to keep the people that live and work safe and building relationships with community.

Community Gazette: How can the public support the Department during and after the COVID crisis?

Captain Pugner: Call first, we are trying to handle as much as possible by telephone instead of in person however if it is an emergency call 911.

Community Gazette: What is your favorite thing about being a policeman?

Captain Pugner: Helping people.

Community Gazette: What is your favorite memory or thing you are most proud of as a police officer?

Captain Pugner: Developing new officers. I was a field training officer for many years and trained many new officers out of the academy. It’s great to see some of them being promoted themselves to higher ranking positions within the department.

Community Gazette: What advice do you have for those considering a career in law enforcement?

Captain Pugner: College or military, both give people valuable experience that is very useful in trying to become a police officer.

Community Gazette: Do you have any other comments you'd like to share?

Captain Pugner: I look forward to serving the town of Bethel for many years. I love this town, I live here with my wife and two sons and want nothing more to help continue make Bethel the best town in the area to live and work.


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