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Unemployment Rate Spikes

Bethel Highest In Region

The Connecticut Department of Labor has released unemployment data for March and preliminary data for April.

As expected by economists, the data indicates a significant spike in new claims in the region, with Bethel"s unemployment at 19.14% leading the region, followed by Brookfield at 17.87%, Southbury at 17.62% and Monroe at 17.48%.

Ridgefield, at 11.8% had the lowest rate.

Bethel's rate of increase from 3.41% at the beginning of March to 19.14% is also the highest in the region, representing a 561% increase from the start of March, before Governor Lamont shut most business activity in response to the COVID crisis.

The accompanying chart shows the details for each local community.

The numbers are preliminary in that more entries from the end of April are expected to be logged as the state catches up with processing a backlog of unemployment claims.


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