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Calls For Resignation Or Removal Of Commission, Committee Member Intensify

A firestorm of demands for Bethel resident James Naddeo to step down from the Bethel Democratic Town Committee and the Bethel Insurance and Pension Commission has intensified on social media after Mr. Naddeo was quoted defending his anti-police social media posts in an interview with a regional news outlet. The demands intensified when yet another social media post by Mr. Naddeo surfaced in which he says "A system this corrupt, this rotten, and proven to be incapable of self-reform is not worth saving. Burn it all down." accompanied by a reposting of a video from Left Nutmeg blogger Al Robinson showing rioters in multiple clashes with police across the nation.

Calls have intensified for the Board of Selectmen, who appointed Mr. Naddeo to the commission that coordinates pensions for a number of town departments, including the Police Department, to remove Mr. Naddeo if he refuses to resign.

Requests for comment from the Selectmen were not replied to as of press time.

There are also calls for the Democratic Town Committee to remove Mr. Naddeo if he doesn't resign from the committee, with a number of comments drawing a parallel to 2018, when a member of the Republican Committee resigned over protests that he had once been a member of an alt-right group.

When asked about Mr. Naddeo's social media posts, the Town Democratic Committee said:

"The Bethel Democratic Town Committee does not condone such posts as they run astray from the proper conveyance of our message. Our Committee supports the Bethel Police Department and the women and men that protect and serve our community. We recognize that systematic racism and police brutality has plagued our nation for far too long. We strive to be a part of the solution by working with the BPD to fully understand the issues that our community may face and create positive change."

Posts from Mr. Naddeo include:


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