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Bigfoot in Bethel?

Going out of your mind trying to find fun and safe things to do with your family? Bethel resident Allison Hughes-Randall has been hosting touchless scavenger hunts since April.

"In April I was needing to do something to keep myself from going stir crazy," she explained. "I created a town-wide scavenger hunt where people messaged me something they would put out on their lawn or in windows to find. Then I made a list by street (ie. find the flamingo, the pirate flag, and the giant show on Linda Lane). It was a great success," she said.

"I tried other games in May and June, but I think most families were knee-deep in school and just were too tired and/or frustrated to do anything," she said. "But now I see so many other families who would otherwise have kids in camp, looking for something fun to do."

Her latest creation is a Bigfoot themed scavenger hunt July 25th and 26th..

"My daughter is working on a Sasquatch badge for Girl Scouts and the idea just came to me," she explained.

She does this for free to help her family and others get through the trials and tribulations of the Covid crisis.

There is a Facebook page with information about the current and past hunts.The page, NO TOUCH Bethel Entertainment can be found at, and has 431 members as of press deadline.


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