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It Takes Neighbors To Make A Village

We have all had just an amazingly challenging year so far. A global pandemic, the loss of thousands of friends, neighbors and loved ones to that pandemic, economic fallout from the efforts to contain it, loss of many local businesses to that economic fallout, upheaval of school schedules, the death of George Floyd that sparked racially charged ongoing protests, political turmoil as measures to address the pandemic and the protests stretch and perhaps exceed the boundries of constitutionality, rioting and looting in a number of areas, a heated national debate about the best ways to police our communities, a powerful tropical storm and the massive disruption caused by delayed power restoration.

And that's just the last 5 months.

It seems as if all the social and political and economic and racial issues of the 1960s and 1970s have been crammed into 5 short months, with wild storms added in as an exclamation point.

But what has also come from this in the past 5 months has been breath-taking in its compassion and humbling in its generosity.

Most recently, we saw dozens of posts like this one on social media in response to a call for help for someone's elderly relative in need of electricity for medical devices during the recent power outage:

"Hi. Just messaged you about getting a generator to your mom." And this one "We have a generator she could borrow also. Please let us know what we can do." And this one: "We would be happy to help. We have electricity if she'd like to come here, we will maintain social distance. Also have a generator to loan."

In fact, there were several more like that on just that one thread. And there were many similar threads.

That after all is why we live here despite the taxes and the politics and the weather. Because New Englanders are kind, wonderful, generous people and exceptionally good neighbors in times of need.

Please take a moment and think about a recent kind act you experienced or witnessed in the past few months, take a deep breath, and then, even for just a moment, rejoice in all the good things and deeply wonderful people we have right here.


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